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Vaude Mens Cyclone Jacket IV Olive / Red A1512808

£391.82  £133.12

  • Model: MEN1281
  • 144 Units in Stock
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Always be prepared: warm softshell jacket with chest pocket for all-round use made from eco-friendly material. This windproof, water-resistant classic is lined with fleece and is a great choice for all kinds of sports such as snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, nordic walking and more. This product is manufactured with Eco Finish and is eco-friendly, water repellent and fluorocarbon-free (PFC-free).


Product Features

  • Fabric:
    • Shell: 100% polyester with integrated membrane
    • Backing: 100% polyester
  • Windproof softshell
  • Chest pocket with zip
  • 2 front pockets with zip
  • Front zip with fold-over
  • Hem drawcord
  • Adjustable cuff with hook and loop

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